Oksana should be ashamed for blackmailing Mel Gibson with racist tape recording

By Liz Alonzo

This is such a sad and disgraceful extortion/blackmail attempt by Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, she set Mel Gibson up and taped him and probably instigated him before recording him go on a racial tirade and hurling insults at her.

Why else would you tape someone unless you are setting them up to get money in an extortion attempt.

It is so easy to take advantage of a man with a soiled reputation because no matter what his reputation will always precede him. It’s like that girl who had consensual sex with Mike Tyson but changed her mind and felt dirty so she claimed Mike Tyson raped her when the evidence showed otherwise and when that young white girl who claimed Kobe Bryant raped her when it was consensual. These type of individuals are trying to get rich quick and famous while ruining another persons reputation.

This reminds me of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son recording his father saying the N word and selling it to the tabloids for a couple thousand dollars. His own blood sold him out for a few thousand dollars.

Both Duane “Dog” Chapman and Mel Gibson’s  tirades were done in private, sure it was racial but who hasn’t ranted using vulgar words before in the privacy of their own home with family or friends during an argument?

When you are rich and famous you can’t trust anyone these days, so many lazy gold diggers are in the world, no wonder some rich and powerful people are paranoid and full of angst and depression.

I am in no way condoning Mel Gibson’s drunken racist tirades but Oksana Grigorieva clearly had a goal and she basically tape recorded him without his knowledge so she could get even more money in a court settlement.

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